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The Peddler is a homeless man, who sells various goods that he collects in his shopping cart.

Child's Play (1988)

After lightning caused a fire at a toy store, the peddler looted it to find items to resell on the street. He stole a Good Guys doll which unknowingly containted Chucky's spirit inside. The following morning he hangs around in the alley outside the department store where Karen and Maggie work. He first approaches Maggie with his wares, who declines but urges Karen to buy the Good Guys doll. He sells it to her for half of what it would cost in a store.

The next night, after Karen learns that the doll is alive and killing those around her, Karen reapproaches him, demanding to know where he got the doll. He says the information will cost her, and since Karen did not carry her purse in such a dangerous part of town, he attempts to solicit another form of payment by raping her. However, Officer Norris shows up and punches him before he could hurt Karen. Norris intimidates the peddler to admit where he found the doll, to which he reveals that he looted the toy store that had the fire. When Detective Norris remembers that was on the same street he had attempted to arrest Charles Lee Ray and Eddie Caputo, he figures that Ray may not have died in the fire as the authorities concluded, and is convinced to do more research on Charles Ray. Detective Norris later reveals to Karen facts about his manhunt against Ray and Ray's partnership with John Bishop, the next link in the case.