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"Get it, Mini-Me."
―Pete while photographing Chucky.

Pete Peters is a paparazzi photographer for the tabloid Celebrities Revealed, who is trying to get pictures of Jennifer Tilly and Redman to sell to the press.

Seed of Chucky (2004)

When Jennifer discovers the body of a decapitated employee working on the doll puppets, she must address the press about the accident. Pete is part of the press hounding her, begging her to draw him a picture about what she was doing when she found the body. He also asks if it is true that she is in talks with Redman for her to star in his new movie.

Later in the night, he creeps into the Tilly residence as Joan drives out of the main gate. He gets multiple snapshots Jennifer and Redman making out on her couch, and moves in closer to get more shots. Before he continues, he looks up and sees Chucky's silhouette in the bathroom window. Thinking that he is a masturbating midget, Pete takes pictures of him as well. He turns back to focus on Jennifer and Redman, only to see Tiffany rising slowly behind them, again believing she is a midget. He manages to get a photo of Tiffany knocking Redman unconscious, but is unsure of what happened. Before he leaves, Chucky sees him leaving the residence and sets out to kill him.


The photograph.

After getting the photographs of Jennifer and Redman, he goes back to Celebrities Revealed to develop the pictures. He focuses on the photo of Chucky masturbating, trying to get a clearer image of his face. As he is working, Chucky sneaks up behind him and gets his attention, making Pete realize that Chucky is who he photographed. He tries to get out of the room while looking for the doll; at the same time, Chucky is trying to kill him.

Before Chucky can strike, Glen attempts to save Pete by getting him out of the way. Spooked by the doll's appearance, he stumbles backwards and hits a rack of chemicals, causing sulphuric acid to pour onto him. As he slowly dies from the acid eating away his face, Chucky is beaming at Glen's murder, "That a boy! And I thought you weren't ready kid! You're a fucking natural!". He takes a photograph and hides it in his pocket.


  • When Glen is human, he keeps the photograph.
  • The role of Pete Peters was written for John Waters, as he is a huge Chucky fan.