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"Well, you were shit last night."
―Psychs to Glen.

Psychs is a British ventriloquist, who ended up as the owner of Glen for six years.

Seed of Chucky (2004)

Psychs happened to cross the cemetery of Hackensack in 1998, directly after the deaths of Chucky and Tiffany. He finds their doll offspring, which he names "Shitface". Psychs claims that Glen tried to attack him when he found him, but Glen says that he was trying to give him a hug. With Glen, he becomes a comedy act, and they are so successful that they make it to the British international ventriloquist competition.

He keeps Glen in a cage, and has a tendency to verbally abuse him. After their latest performance, Psychs blasts him for not being scary enough. He places a rat inside his cage, with the hopes that he would kill it. However, Glen bends down and starts petting it. He threatens Glen that if he does not get more scary, he will set him on fire. Before he can do anything however, the rat bites his finger, allowing Glen to escape. Glen hops on the back of a truck, and travels to Hollywood in search of his parents.


  • Psychs is so far the only adult character in the Child's Play series who is not afraid of a talking doll.
  • Psychs threatening to burn Glen if he doesn't kill the rat he placed in his cage is a reference to Chucky being burned alive in Child's Play.