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Rachel Fairchild is a Biology teacher at Perry Middle School, and teaches Jake Wheeler's class.

Chucky (2021)

While walking around the class during a frog dissection, she finds Jake is hesitant because of his fear of seeing blood. She reassures him that he will be fine before walking away. Suddenly the students are sent a group text message about a fake GoFundMe Lexy set up for Jake. The bell then rings to dismiss class, and Jake gives Miss Fairchild his Chucky doll to keep until he sells it. She stops Lexy from leaving, telling her to take the fundraiser page down and explaining that she was a lot like her at her age, being entitled, arrogant but secretly terrified about the real world. She then writes her a detention slip, but Lexy warns that her parents will sue the school if she is penalized. Unimpressed, she leaves Lexy alone in her classroom to get Principal McVey, but returns to find her terrified and taking off in a hurry. Before leaving herself, Miss Fairchild locks the Chucky doll in her metal cabinet and exits the room with the key.

The following week, she is approached by Detective Evans to talk about Jake's recent involvement with multiple murders. She refuses to give any information about her students, so Detective Evans is forced to walk away. After school, she finds Jake and informs him that she asked his aunt Bree, uncle Logan and Lexy's parents to come in for a meeting that night. Believing the thing between him and Lexy has gotten out of hand, the parents are needed to help diffuse the situation. She mentions that he doesn't need to pretend like everything's fine, and that if he's every in trouble he can trust her.

After four people are found dead in Hackensack, Miss Fairchild attempts to ease the students' discomfort by telling them their feelings are normal and they can always talk to her. Before she can begin class, Detective Evans knocks on the door. Miss Fairchild leaves the class to talk with her in the hallway.

When Principal McVey is killed during the town hall meeting, Detective Evans finally makes her move. While her class is watching a nature film, Miss Fairchild is arrested and charged with three counts of homicide for the murders of McVey, Oliver, and Detective Peyton. Her students Devon and Lexy try to insist that she is innocent and they know who did it, but they are ignored and she is taken to the police station. In the interrogation room, Detective Evans explains that she is the prime suspect as she was the last person to see McVey alive, she was next in line for her job, and her fingerprints were found everywhere in the office and the crime scene. She also mentions Miss Fairchild's juvie record, and questions if McVey learned of her delinquint past.

With the mass killings at the theatre and more bodies found, Miss Fairchild is deemed to be innocent and her charges are dropped. She drives Jake, Devon and Lexy to the Hackensack Cemetery to pay their respects to Junior and his parents.