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Robert Bailey is a corrupt police officer, who is bribed by Tiffany to steal Chucky's remains for her from the Lockport police department.


After he takes Chucky's pieces from an evidence locker, he calls Tiffany to tell her that he is on his way, and not to forget his money. Distracted as he reaches for the the bag on the passenger seat, he almost has a collision with a truck. Tiffany laughs, warns him that curiosity killed the cat, to which he hangs up.

While he is waiting for Tiffany in an abandoned warehouse, he tries to take a peek in the bag. As he looks inside, Tiffany comes from the backseat and slashes his throat with her nail file, killing him. She steals his lighter, engraved with the name "Bailey", and leaves his body in the warehouse. His corpse is later discovered and mentioned in a news broadcast on television while Tiffany is bathing.