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"Just be a man and say it, no more using your little doll."
―Shane to Andy.

Shane is the boyfriend of Karen Barclay.

Child's Play (2019)

Whenever Shane is with Karen, Andy avoids contact with him and leaves the apartment. He confides to Chucky that he believes Shane is an asshole and will leave them like everybody else. With encouragement from his new friends Falyn and Pugg, Andy has Chucky sneak up on Shane to scare him while he grabs a beer from the fridge.

The next day, Shane is over at their apartment spending time with Karen. As he grabs another beer from the fridge, Chucky surprises him as he stands on the counter top, replaying "Shane's such an asshole" on his speakers. Karen finds it funny, but Shane is angered by it. Later that night, while Karen and Shane are ordering pizza, Andy remarks that he is leaving to Pugg's place. Shane sighs that Andy cannot even be in the same room as him, before going to the bathroom. After again being scared by Chucky, who is still repeating "Shane's such an asshole", he grabs the doll and heads into Andy's room. He confronts the boy, pushing him back onto his bed and telling him if he has a problem with him he should be a man and say it. Once Andy starts tearing up, Shane smiles and leaves his room. Karen and Shane leave the apartment to talk in the hallway, where she comments that what he did was too much. But he explains that Andy was just being rude and he called him on it, and walks out of the building.


Shane drives home to his real family, putting his wedding ring back on and picking up his two daughters before going inside to his wife, Jane. He goes to the backyard to take down the Christmas lights, while complaining that he does enough as it is. Going up the ladder, he pulls the lights off and wraps them around himself. He stumbles as something shakes the ladder, which he assumes is raccoons, before the ladder is knocked down. He falls to the ground and lands on his feet, breaking both of his legs. His two daughters briefly hear him scream through their headphones, but do not see him and go back to their devices.

Lying on the ground, Shane picks up his flashlight and crawls towards his cellphone. However, Chucky turns on the tiller, which is pulled towards him by the stringed lights. He holds the tiller back with his hands as Chucky jumps onto his chest, warning him that no one hurts his "best buddy". Letting go of the tiller with one hand, Shane pushes Chucky's knife back, which inadvertently causes the tiller to scalp him. Chucky proceeds to stab him to death, then removes his face and staples it to a watermelon to give to Andy as a gift.


  • The tiller that kills Shane has "CP88" written in it, a reference to the original Child's Play film.
  • Shane is similar to the character Erich from the Twilight Zone episode "Living Doll", an episode that inspired the Child's Play movies. Much like Erich, Shane was an abusive father replacement to the child, who possessed a living doll and ended up being killed by the doll.
  • Shane has a similar death To Dana Mathis’s Alternate Death In Black Christmas (2006).