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"Jennifer, I love..."
―Stan's last words.

Stan is the chauffeur of Jennifer Tilly.

Seed of Chucky (2004)

Stan harbours feelings for Jennifer, and wants to have a real relationship with her. However, Jennifer shows little interest in him and his advances. Stan had also shown great disappointment when she told him of her intentions to sleep with Redman to get the lead in his movie. She later admits to Redman that she was starting to feel a bit guilty since she knew of his feelings.


When Tiffany kills Redman out of disgust for his character, she and Chucky decide to use Stan as a replacement host. When he later comes to the house to find Jennifer, they tie him up next to her on the bed. Jennifer, having been impregnated by Tiffany, gives birth on the bed to twins. And although Chucky and Tiffany had plans for their hostages, Chucky decides against it all and to instead stay a doll.

Tiffany rejects his idea, wanting to be a star, and states she is leaving him and taking the "kids". Angrily, Chucky tries to kill Jennifer to stop Tiffany by throwing his knife at her head, but Stan sacrifices himself to protect her. Even as he is dying, he tries again to get the courage to confess his love.