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The Technicians are three employees at Play Pal, working at the company around the time when Mr. Sullivan wants the Chucky doll repaired.

Child's Play 2 (1990)

On the day the technicians comes to see the doll, now repaired, a horrible incident happens. The device to put in the eyes jams, and electrocutes one of them. The second technician shows the paramedics where his friend is, so they can take him away.

The second technician remains working at the Play Pals factory after Chucky forces Andy and Kyle hide there. As the two try to get away from Chucky, they crawl under a machine that puts the eyes into dolls. Chucky sees where they are hiding, and jams the machine. The technician notices the machine malfunctioning and looks under, foolishly, to check the device. Chucky pushes the button to re-activate the machine. He dies as the machine gouges his eyes with fake plastic ones. Later in their fight, his body is used by Chucky to knock Kyle down.