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"You know me. I'll kill anybody, but I'll only sleep with someone I love."
―Tiffany to Chucky.

Tiffany Valentine is a murderous woman, with a strong attraction to death. She was the girlfriend of Charles Lee Ray, the Lakeshore Strangler. When he became a killer doll, she spent the next 10 years trying to find him.

Bride of Chucky (1998)

Tiffany Human

Tiffany, human.

On a stormy night, Tiffany bribes a cop into stealing Chucky's remains in a bag from an evidence vault. While speaking to him on the phone, she warns him not to look into the bag. However, as curiosity got the better of him, he goes to peek. When he does, she sneaks up behind him and slits his throat with a nail file. She takes the bag containing back to her trailer home, where she sews him back together using new doll parts. She then attempts to resurrect his soul with a book called Voodoo For Dummies.

When it appears to not work, she angrily tosses the book away. Her moment is interrupted by her unwanted lover Damien Baylock, who lets himself in. In an attempt to get her affection, he shows her a photo of a "victim" he killed. Regardless, she recognizes his nail polish and knows he faked it. Walking away, she notices that Chucky is missing and becomes excited. She tries tricking Damien to provoke Chucky, asking him to crawl under a stool to get her lipstick. Before anything happens, her pet spider Charlotte lands on him, causing him to scream and recoil. Tiffany laughs at this, and puts her spider back into her cage.

During this, Damien jumps onto her bed in an attempt to seduce her. While she finds this laughable, she is surprised to find Chucky sitting next to her. He teases Tiffany for her obsession of the doll, but she notes that the doll would make an interesting sex toy. As Damien rushes back to the bed, she cuffs his arms and legs to the bedposts. She places Chucky on his chest, and begins to perform a striptease. To incite Chucky, she tells Damien that he can be jealous and will kill anyone who looks at her. When Damien jokes about Chucky's size, the doll comes alive, and smothers him with a pillow. Damien shouts for Tiffany for help, but she joyfully watches him be killed.


Chucky kills Tiffany.

After she gets reacquainted with Chucky, she brings up the ring she found the night he was gunned down, thinking it is an engagement ring. To the contrary, he reveals that he was never going to propose to her, and the ring was one he stole from someone he killed, and planned to sell. Outraged and hurt, Tiffany confines Chucky to a playpen. Later the next day, she taunts him by throwing him a Wedding Belle doll, with the ring on a necklace. She then leaves to have a bath, and watch TV. Unbeknownst to her, Chucky escaped, and knocks the TV into her tub, electrocuting her. He proceeds to transfer her soul into the bridal doll, to make her understand what it is like to be trapped in a doll body. For the both of them to be human again, Chucky explains to her a plan to use his old voodoo amulet to transfer their souls into new bodies.


Tiffany's bridal doll.

Chucky's old body has the amulet, and he is buried in the cemetery in Hackensack, New Jersey. Tiffany calls her neighbour Jesse, offering to pay him to take two dolls to Hackensack by the next day. He takes advantage of this opportunity to take his girlfriend Jade away from her overprotective uncle, Warren. En route to their destination, Tiffany and Chucky kill anyone getting in their way, framing Jesse and Jade in the process. To make matters worse, Tiffany and Chucky intend to transfer their souls into Jesse's and Jade's bodies in their ritual.

Along the way, Jesse and Jade decide to get married at a chapel motel. While there, they meet a pair of newlyweds, who try to convince them to share a room with them. While they are talking, Diane slyly steals Jesse's wallet, and Tiffany notices. Angered by this, she follows them back to their room later that night. Tiffany throws a wine bottle to the mirror ceiling above their bed, and the thieves are killed by the falling pieces of broken glass. Impressed by the creative murder, Chucky proposes to Tiffany, and they have sex in the room. The next day Jesse and Jade's friend David accompanies them, to comfort them about the murders around them. On the drive, David smells a foul odour coming from the back of their van, and is shocked to find Warren's dead body. While he confronts his friends, the dolls finally come alive, holding guns, and taking them hostage. 


Tiffany's death.

After hijacking an RV, they are forced to drive to the cemetery in Hackensack. Tiffany ties Jade to a chair, in order to do her makeup. On the way, Tiffany and Chucky get into a huge fight, instigated by Jade and Jesse. With the opportunity, Jade kicks Tiffany into the oven, and Jesse throws Chucky out of the window. However, Chucky shoots at the RV, causing it to crash into a ditch. Jesse unties Jade as they are attacked by the burnt Tiffany, but they are able to escape before the RV explodes. Chucky grabs Jade and takes her to the cemetery, while Jesse grabs Tiffany and follows. As Jade retrieves the amulet, Jesse appears and trades hostages. The two embrace, but their reunion is short-lived as Chucky stabs Jesse and ties the two together, for the voodoo ritual. Just before Chucky begins the transfer, Tiffany has second thoughts. She stabs Chucky, and is fatally wounded in their fight. Later in the night when a detective walks into the scene, Tiffany gives birth to a baby doll, which attacks the detective.

Seed of Chucky (2004)

New animatronic dolls of Chucky and Tiffany are involved in the movie "Chucky Goes Psycho". They are brought back to life by their child Glen, when they read the inscription on the voodoo amulet. Before he knows they are alive, a puppeteer comes into the room to repair the dolls. When he removes Tiffany's back to reveal organs, inside, she turns her head around and screams at him. With a quick manoeuvre, her and Chucky decapitate him with piano wire. Their child is horrified, and when they finally notice them, Glen reveals that they are their parents. As the child has no genitals, Chucky names him Glen, while Tiffany calls her Glenda. Tiffany knows that violence upsets Glen, and decides that they have to stop killing for Glen's welfare and their future.

Meanwhile, she and Chucky make a plan to transfer her soul into Jennifer Tilly and Redman. Tiffany sneaks into Jennifer's house and knocks the two unconscious. In order to give Glen a human body as well, Chucky's semen is inserted into Jennifer. The next day, upon realizing she's pregnant, Jennifer tells Redman that he is the father. Redman denies the accusation and fires her from his movie, which angers Tiffany. After Jennifer leaves the room, Tiffany disembowels him and hides his body upstairs.


Tiffany in Jennifer's body.

Jennifer is gagged and tied to her bed, to soon be joined by her limousine driver Stan. Since Redman was killed, he is now the replacement body for Chucky. Because of the voodoo, Jennifer's pregnancy is accelerated and she quickly gives birth to twins. However, contradictory to their original plan, Chucky chooses to stay a doll forever. Tiffany, furious with his decision, decides to leave with Glen. They follow Jennifer to the hospital, and while she is distracted, they drug her. At the very last minute, as Chucky bursts through the door with an axe, Tiffany successfully transfers her soul into Jennifer Tilly.

Five years pass, and Tiffany is happily living in Hollywood, posing as Jennifer, and raising Glen and Glenda on her own. On the twins' birthday, the nanny tries to quit her job because she is afraid of Glenda. Tiffany tells her she can go, but then beats her to death with her doll body.

Curse of Chucky (2013)


Tiffany's cameo.

Tiffany continues her relationship with Chucky, taking him to those he wants to kill. She bribes Officer Stanton into stealing Chucky for her. He brings the doll to his car in an evidence bag, and leaves her a message on the phone, telling her that he is on his way. After he hangs up, he notices Chucky breathing, and attempts to look inside. Hiding in the back seat, Tiffany jumps out and slits his throat. She then takes Chucky to a post office, in an overnight package to ship him back to Alice. When asked the value of the package, she states that you cannot put a price on love.

Cult of Chucky (2017)

Four years after Nica has been institutionalized, Tiffany comes to visit her when she is transferred to the medium security Harrogate mental facility. She reveals herself to be Alice's legal guardian and breaks the bad news that Alice has died, claiming that she died of a "broken heart". Bringing out a Chucky doll, she says that Alice wanted Nica to have it, as it was the doll she used in therapy to help her get over the past, and that maybe it would help Nica too. She puts the doll on Nica's lap and proceeds to leave the room, but not before wishing her "good luck".


Tiffany talking to Nica about Alice's death.

The next day, two murders occur at the facility, which catches the attention of Andy Barclay as he reads about it online with the connection to Nica and Chucky. He begins to drive to Harrogate, but along the way he receives a phone call from her. When he asks who is calling, she first answers Tiffany, but then corrects herself to Jennifer, mentioning that even she loses track. Andy says that he is coming for her and Chucky, to which she replies that there is three of them at the moment, and that "the cult is growing all the time". Tiffany leaves him a final message from Chucky, "disembowel", saying that he would know what it means.

Later that night, the guard walks outside to find Tiffany's car parked in front of the gate, with the motor still running. He peers inside only to find the Tiffany doll in the back seat, allowing Tiffany sneak up behind him and slash his throat with her nail file. She waits outside for Chucky, who has successfully possessed Nica. The two reunite and share a kiss, to which Chucky remarks that "this is different", but Tiffany replies that it still works for her. They get into the car, and Tiffany begins to feel bad about Alice, and that it was nice to have her around. However, Chucky simply says "fuck that kid", and the two start laughing. Tiffany checks her rear-view mirror, revealing that the Tiffany doll is alive before she drives away.

Chucky: Season 1 (2021)

Present Day

After leaving the Harrogate mental institution, Tiffany and Nica/Chucky drive back to Hackensack and stay in the local hotel. They have kidnapped two men, having already killed one of them and forcing the other man to watch them make out while he is bound and gagged. Laughing, Tiffany comments how they're putting on a nice show for him, but all he does is moan and complain. She gets up off the bed and asks the man what he wants, before mentioning that she herself is hungry and wants a snack, preferably Swedish meatballs. This angers Chucky, and the two get into an argument about how much Tiffany likes to eat. She storms out of the room, and later returns to find Chucky knocked down on the ground, unaware that moments before Nica briefly regained control of her body.


Tiffany playing cards with Nica.

Sometime after, Tiffany is struggling to pack one of the men's bodies into a large suitcase. They have a brief fight about cutting the body into smaller pieces, so Tiffany uses a cleaver to cut one of the man's hands off. The resulting blood splatters on Chucky's face, causing Nica to regain control again. Later on, the two women play poker while Nica tries to keep up the façade that she is Chucky. Suspicious of "Chucky", Tiffany attempts to have him recall the details of their honeymoon at Niagara Falls. After Nica gives a generic answer to try to bluff her, Tiffany reveals that she knows Nica has regained control of her body. And to prove her theory, she stabbed Nica in the thigh 10 minutes ago which she has still not felt or noticed. Scared, Nica asks what she plans on doing with her. Tiffany then divulges that she has developed feelings for Nica over the years, and prefers spending time with her over Chucky. As an added surprise, she tells Nica that she bought the two of them a house in Hackensack, which in reality is Charles Lee Ray's childhood home. She comments that her only problem is figuring out how to keep Nica in control instead of "that rat Chucky", and then knocks Nica unconscious with a pan to the head.

Stuffing Nica in the trunk of her Pontiac, Tiffany drives to her newly purchased home to meet with realtor Gladys. Under the guise of Jennifer Tilly, she tells the realtor she and her fiancé will be moving in immediately and that it was her fiancé's childhood home. Before driving away, Gladys gives Tiffany a package that she had already received in the mail. She then gets Nica out of the trunk and takes her into the house, keeping her bound and gagged before leaving her alone inside.

With Jake no longer willing to help Chucky, he and Tiffany set their sights on his cousin, Junior. While at the funeral for Junior's mother, Tiffany arrives uninvited and approaches his father Logan. Kissing him in front of everyone, she quickly turns around and leaves without saying another word. Later that night, Tiffany drives to the Wheeler house, and honks her horn for Junior to come out. Giving him some Swedish meatballs, she says that it is a gift and claims that their Logan's favourite. She then asks if Jake is home, but Junior changes the subject and questions what she was doing with Logan at the funeral. She acts surprised that Logan never told him about them, and tells him not to tell anyone that she was there, before quickly leaving in her car.


Tiffany turning on Chucky.

She arrives back at Charles' childhood home and finds Nica lying on the ground, unaware that Chucky is in control. While Tiffany prepares to drug Nica, Chucky takes the opportunity to sweep her leg and knock her down. Holding a knife over her head, Chucky prepares to stab her, but stops when she reminds him that he needs her or their plan won't work. He ignores her and again goes to stab her, but halts when Junior and his Chucky doll enter the house, reminding Nica/Chucky that they do in fact need Tiffany. She excitedly picks up the Chucky doll, happy to finally be reunited with him, and they all go downstairs where an army of 72 possessed Good Guy dolls are waiting for them. The dolls are placed into Good Guy boxes and packed into a truck, and Tiffany leaves the home to pay the driver to drop the dolls off at the theatre tomorrow. Returning inside, she finds Chucky and Nica/Chucky are engaged in a conversation. She tries to get the doll's attention, but when she is ignored, she angrily remarks that he is the most self-involved man she's ever met, and a real man would know how to treat a lady. When Nica/Chucky makes a snide comment back, Tiffany slaps him so hard that he falls to the ground, causing Nica to regain control. The Chucky doll apologizes to her, and as he mentions that "getting over himself" takes real sacrifice, he demands that Tiffany kill Nica. Distraught, she cannot overcome her feelings for Nica and cannot bring herself to kill her. When Chucky commands Junior to kill Nica, Tiffany finally snaps and proceeds to decapitate the doll with her nail file. Junior attempts to help Chucky, but Tiffany reminds him that he needs her help to get out of Hackensack after the police find his father's corpse. Picking up the head, she tells Chucky that she is done with him for good before dropping him on the ground. She drugs Nica and has Junior tie her arms together, while she sets up a bomb to leave for Andy Barclay. With the bomb in place at the front door, she puts Nica in the backseat of her car and hops into the front with Junior before they drive away.

The next day, Tiffany poses as celebrity guest Jennifer Tilly at a special movie screening benefitting children's hospitals, held by Mayor Cross. The mayor announces that as part of the benefit, 72 children's hospitals across the country will be receiving a priceless gift from Jennifer's personal collection of vintage Good Guy dolls, which will ship immediately after the movie screening. The mayor's daughter Caroline wants the Chucky doll Tiffany is holding, so she allows Caroline to take it into the movie theatre with her. After the movie is finished that evening, Tiffany meets with the truck driver to ensure the dolls are delivered to the airport before the plane leaves at midnight. She walks back to her car but finds that it doesn't start, and she watches helplessly as Andy Barclay drives the truck away with the dolls inside. However, as Andy is on the road, the Tiffany doll breaks through the glass and holds him at gunpoint, demanding he keep driving.

Meanwhile, Tiffany returns to a secret location where she is keeping Nica, who is finally waking up from being drugged. She tells Nica that she really likes her, but she couldn't run the risk that Chucky would regain control. Therefore, she amputated Nica's arms and legs to prevent her from fighting back.



Tiffany thrilled after killing Delilah.

Parts of Tiffany's past are also revealed through a series of flashbacks. In 1986, a redheaded Tiffany is approached by Charles Lee Ray and another woman named Delilah while out at a nightclub. The three of them go back to the Hackensack Hotel, where the two women kiss on the bed as Charles watches. Eventually he stands up, grabbing Tiffany by the neck and holding a knife to her head. She takes him by surprise when she smiles and tells him to "do it to me now". Instead, Charles turns on Delilah and stabs her in the stomach before handing the knife to Tiffany. She repeatedly stabs Delilah, laughing hysterically and saying that "it's never happened like that before". Charles and Tiffany jump onto the bed and start making out. He tells her his name is Charles, to which she remarks he should go by "Chucky". In return, he mentions she should dye her red hair blonde.

After their first encounter, the two decide to become a couple. In 1987 they find a local used car salesman looking to sell a Pontiac car. He states that the car's previous owners were both decapitated and died in the vehicle, which thrills Tiffany and she tells the man they'll take it. While Charles distracts him, she sneaks up from behind and slits his throat with her nail file. They take the keys from him, steal the car and drive out of Hackensack.

In 1988, Charles and Tiffany have moved into their first apartment together in Chicago. They order a pizza and kill the delivery man, leaving his body in their bathroom while they fool around in the living room. Sometime later, Tiffany arrives back to the apartment to find Charles killing a woman without her. She becomes upset as "killing is an 'us' thing", and that they never kill anybody together anymore. Tired of listening to Tiffany's whining, he puts on his coat and storms out of the apartment. Unbeknownst to him, she then calls Mike Norris with information about Charles after he leaves.

Chucky: Season 2 (2022)

On the way to the airport, Andy and Tiffany overhear three Chuckies arguing, causing them both to realize none of the Chuckies know who they are. In the confusion, Andy swerves the van hard enough to make Tiffany drop her gun, then grabs it and shoots Tiffany's head off.

One morning at Jennifer Tilly's mansion in Beverly Hills, Tiffany wakes up to find her decapitated doll head in bed next to her. She continues on with her daily routine regardless of the scare, preparing breakfast for Nica and feeding her. In order to provoke the Chucky residing in Nica, Tiffany slices open her palm and shoves her bloody hand into Nica's face. Once Chucky is in control, Tiffany demands to know how the doll head got into her bed, to which Chucky explains that he is coming to kill her.

Later in the day, Tiffany and Nica watch the film Liar Liar, as Tiffany re-enacts the film line for line. Nica berates her for being obsessed with her fake past as Jennifer Tilly, and the fact that she has already blown through Jennifer's $100 million divorce settlement money and may be losing the house soon. To change the subject, Tiffany mentions that her children Glen and Glenda are coming to visit this weekend for their birthdays. Suddenly the front doorbell rings, and Nica begins screaming for help. Tiffany quickly stifles her with a ball gag, and answers the door. Detective Sam Gavin is waiting, who questions her on the disappearance of Nica Pierce. She replies that she did meet her at Harrogate, and pretends to be shocked when the detective reveals she killed several people shortly after their meeting. Awkwardly cutting their conversation short, Tiffany backs away and slams the door in the detective's face.

While baking Glen and Glenda's birthday cakes, the front gate alarm sounds and Tiffany assumes it is the twins, letting them in. She wheels Nica into her bedroom, straps the ball gag onto her mouth, and closes the door. She runs to the front door, but is shocked to find she had let in Detective Gavin. He believes that Nica is at her house, causing Tiffany to confess that she is in fact here, but that she is innocent. She lets the detective inside, and asks him if he has ever gone against his own values to protect someone he loves. However, before he can answer, she slits his throat and kills him. Just then, Glen and Glenda arrive at the mansion, and Tiffany frantically attempts to hide the corpse in the closet and clean up the blood. She is only semi-successful, as they come inside as Tiffany is wiping the blood of the floor. She is able to convince them it is just corn syrup, to make her social media more "violent", and quickly shuffles the twins away from the closet where Sam Gavin's corpse is hidden.

While talking with her children, they express worry over Tiffany not leaving the house in over a year, her drinking becoming out of control, and her running out of money. She again brushes their worries off, insisting that she is doing fine. When Glenda brings up the name "Nica Pierce", Tiffany is shocked but is now forced to come forward. She lies, claiming that she met Nica at a charity event, and that she was mentally unwell and obsessed with her. She also reveals that because of her "stalker" Nica, she had a new security system installed that she can control through her phone.


Tiffany speaking with Jennifer's sister, Meg.

Glen walks away from the dinner table to investigate a locked door, but is stopped by Tiffany and her bodyguard, Jeeves. When she leads them back, she is surprised to see the twins had secretly set up a surprise party, inviting Gina Gershon, Sutton Stracke, and Joe Pantoliano. She becomes flustered at seeing these guests in her home questioning why she has been hiding herself away for a year, and even more so when Jennifer Tilly's sister Meg arrives at the door. Recomposing herself for her party, Tiffany puts on a red dress and greets her friends, apologizing for her year-long absence as she was "valuing her solitude". Meg approaches her, wanting to know why she has been avoiding her sister for the past 24 years, but Tiffany pushes her away.

As Jeeves pesters the guests, Tiffany pulls him back and forces him to guard her locked bedroom door downstairs, as he was hired to do. Upon returning to the main floor, all of the guests have disappeared and the lights suddenly shut off. She then discovers Jeeves dead, and Nica missing from the bedroom. Her guests then find Tiffany and the corpse, forcing her to quickly improvise that this is a murder mystery party. She exclaims that the goals for this evening are to learn who is the murderer, and who opened the bedroom door. During her "investigation", her phone alarm sounds that there is somebody in her master bedroom. She excuses herself for a "little emergency", hastily making her way to her bedroom in hopes of finding Nica. Instead, she runs into Gina, who begins coming onto her as Gina had a fling with Jennifer Tilly. Gina asks Tiffany to wait in the bedroom while she gets something for her, and soon is cornered by Joe who also comes onto her. She dodges him when he pulls his pants down and runs out of the room.

Tiffany returns to her party, arguing with Meg over how she got into the locked bedroom. She freezes when she hears Chucky's laugh, and turns in horror as he has a gun pointing at her face. Crying, she begs Chucky to spare her but is just as surprised as Chucky is to learn that there are no bullets in the gun. She uses this confusion to slap Chucky in the face, causing Nica to regain control. Just then, Glen signals to Nica to make a run for it, and she wheels herself out the back door. Tiffany screams for Nica to stop, and attempts to close the main gate with her security system. However, she is too late as Nica escapes just in time in a getaway van driven by Kyle.

Tiffany is upset over Nica's escape, and is angry at Glen for plotting against her. She tries to push Glen off by claiming her murdering people is an addiction, and refuses to tell them who is "Tiffany Valentine" without them telling her where Glenda took Nica. Later in the day, Meg returns to the mansion and questions Tiffany about their younger years in high school. Tiffany is unable to answer her questions, and sneaks off to a secret room where she is hiding the real Jennifer Tilly, who is trapped in Tiffany's doll body. She demands that Jennifer tell her the information she needs to convince Meg that she is the real Jennifer Tilly. However, Jennifer gives her false information. Tiffany runs out of the room and back to Jennifer, not realizing that Meg and Glen have followed her. With her secret out, she kills Meg and finally reveals to Glen that she is not Jennifer, but Tiffany Valentine. She explains that she lied to Glen and Glenda to give them everything she couldn't by being Jennifer Tilly, so that they could be proud of her. She also gives Glen their doll body, which they instantly recognize. When they ask to show it to Glenda, Tiffany agrees. Setting her mansion on fire, she drives off with Glen and Jennifer Tilly to find Glenda.


Tiffany confronted by Nica.

A week later, she stops at a 50's diner for food. Tiffany attempts to maintain a low profile to avoid being spotted as Jennifer Tilly is now wanted for murder. However, people begin recognizing her as a news report plays about Jennifer. She quickly grabs her food and runs back to her car, spiralling about the possibility of spending the rest of her life in prison. With no other options, she decides that she must transfer her soul back into a Wedding Belle doll, with the nearest one being Jennifer Tilly's doll body. As Tiffany tries to start her car it stalls, forcing her to stay the night at the diner while a technician fixes it. Against Tiffany's wishes, Glen helps Jennifer escape from the car, only for her to be run over and killed by a semi truck. She wails over the loss of the doll, but continues on her journey to Incarnate Lord to reunite Glen with Glenda. Nica is waiting for Tiffany, and aims a gun at her. However, Glen takes the bullet to protect their mother. Tiffany and Glenda carry Glen back into the car, and the three drive to the Hackensack hospital. Tiffany cannot go in herself as Jennifer is still a wanted fugitive, so Glenda stays by Glen's side. With Glen's prognosis looking grim, Glenda decides that the two of them must return to their doll body to save Glen's life. As Tiffany is the only one who knows the ritual, they come up with a plan to sneak her into the hospital and past the officer guarding Glen's room.

The next day, Tiffany disguises herself as a doctor and makes it through the hospital, but the guard recognizes her immediately when she enters Glen's room. When he attempts to arrest her, she breaks a flower vase over his head, allowing Glenda to kill him by electrocuting him with defibrillator paddles. She then quickly proceeds with the ritual, transferring Glen and Glenda's souls back into the doll and smuggling them out in Glenda's luggage. She takes them back to a hotel room, giving them a makeover and a brand new look. They decide on a different name, "GG", and announce their plans to travel to England to explore their roots. GG says their goodbyes to Tiffany, who is sad to lose her child, and heads off on their own.

While flipping through her social media feed, she discovers that Michelle Cross has a Wedding Belle doll, the exact one she needs to transfer her soul and escape being Jennifer Tilly. On the night of Christmas Eve, Tiffany drives to the Cross residence and breaks in to look for the doll. As she is caught by Michelle, Tiffany attempts to convince her that she needs the Wedding Belle doll because the Good Guys she donated for the charity event last year never made it to the intended hospitals. Before Michelle gets the doll, Chucky lunges from behind and slices Michelle in half. Tiffany calls him despicable for killing a mother on Christmas Eve, and asks what Jake, Devon and Lexy are going to do now without any guardians. Chucky retorts that children who misbehave have to be punished, and demands to know where Glen and Glenda are. Tiffany refuses to let him hurt any of them, telling him that he has to go through her first. Before Chucky makes his move, Lexy jumps on top of him and grabs his chainsaw. As Lexy kills him, Tiffany walks past her and upstairs to Caroline's room to take the Wedding Belle doll. Unbeknownst to her, Jake and Devon are waiting, and each take a stab at Tiffany. As she is backed into the end of the hallway, Caroline emerges from one of the rooms. Chucky was able to brainwash her with his lies, convincing her that Tiffany is her real mother. She gives Tiffany a knife and allows herself to be held hostage, ensuring Tiffany leaves with the doll.


Tiffany's new look.

Three weeks later, Tiffany has taken Caroline with her to Times Square. In order to avoid suspicion as Jennifer Tilly is still wanted for murder, she dyes her hair black and dresses in a more gothic fashion. One night, she receives a call from Nica, who explains that she is still coming to torture and kill her, and discloses that she is staying in a hotel opposite to her. Realizing she is out of time, Tiffany proceeds with the ritual to possess the Wedding Belle doll, but for some reason it does not work. As the doll rises up on its own, it begins removing its contact lenses and wig to reveal that it was Chucky all along. He proceeds to advance on Tiffany with a knife as she screams.

Chucky: Season 3 (2023)

As Chucky advances towards Tiffany, he suddenly stops as the police break down the door. She is arrested, as Jennifer Tilly, for first-degree murder, and is taken out of the hotel to a police car waiting outside. She is held in prison awaiting her trial for murder in the state of Texas for killing a tour guide at the Alamo. After five months she is visited by Lexy, who begs her to tell her where her sister Caroline has gone. She explains that Chucky took her, revealing that there was one more Chucky left other than the one Lexy chainsawed. Finally one months later, Tiffany begins her trial. Jake, Devon and Lexy testify against her, along with Nica, who details how she amputated her limbs to keep her hostage for a year. When Tiffany is called as the final witness on the stand, she decides to tell the truth, that she is not Jennifer Tilly but in fact Tiffany Valentine. She explains how her real body had been electrocuted in a bathtub, then she had her soul transferred into a doll, and then finally her soul ended up in the body of Jennifer Tilly. Her attorney tries to prove this story as a not guilty verdict by reason of insanity, explaining that Jennifer Tilly got too into her role as Tiffany while filming Chucky Goes Psycho. However, the jury does not buy this, and they deliver a guilty verdict. In October, the judge sentences Tiffany to death by lethal injection for 103 counts of first-degree murder. Before leaving the courtroom, Nica promises Tiffany that she will be there to witness her die, and then she will roll her wheelchair over her grave.


Tiffany arriving at the Texas prison.

Tiffany is transferred to a prison in Texas, where she will stay on death row for three weeks until she is executed by lethal injection. As Tiffany is believed to be actress Jennifer Tilly, she is placed with the special population as her presence in in the general population would be disruptive. After being escorted to her cell by corrections officer Erica, Tiffany demands to know where her "legally mandated religious items" are, which she claims her lawyer already spoke to the warden about. Erica claims that sometimes packages get lost in transit, which prompts a worried look from Tiffany.

Later in the evening, Erica takes Tiffany to the recreation room to meet the other member of the special population, a woman named Evelyn. Tiffany is thrilled to meet Evelyn, as she is her personal idol, and gushes how Evelyn's recipe for Swedish meatballs changed her life. She tells Evelyn how she read her book about her organizational skills, which she implemented as a murderess. The two bond over their shared experiences, and the conversation eventually comes to them discussing how the media treats powerful women. Evelyn tells Tiffany that she is a fan of hers as well, ever since her film The Big Chill. When Tiffany corrects her that Jennifer's sister Meg Tilly was the one that starred in The Big Chill, she lets slip that she killed Meg. This angers Evelyn, whose own sister died, and she remarks that she is disgusted that "Jennifer" would kill her own sister. Before storming out of the recreation room, she comments that she will be cheering when Tiffany is executed. Tiffany takes the cigarette butt that Evelyn put in the ashtray on the table.

After being led back to her cell, Tiffany is delighted to see her "religious items" have arrived. Opening the package, she pulls out a voodoo doll and the book Voodoo For Dummies. She sews the cigarette butt to the doll's hand and mouth, and enchants it with a spell. With the voodoo doll, she takes control of Evelyn's body while she is in the middle of a cooking demonstration. Tiffany forces Evelyn to cut at her own neck, repeatedly slice her wrists, stab herself in the butt, peel the skin off her fingers, slam her face on a hot grill and against a wall, and finally dunk her head in a pot of boiling oil.

At dinnertime, Erica brings Tiffany her food. When she asks what's for dessert, Erica spits out her gum into her pork and beans. However, this act does not get the reaction Erica expected, as Tiffany is delighted. She puts the wad of gum into the mouth of another voodoo doll, and enchants it. The spell takes effect immediately, brainwashing Erica into being Tiffany's slave. As Erica rushes back to Tiffany's cell, she asks if she can do anything for her. She explains to the corrections officer that she needs her to acquire personal items from all six of the guards standing between her and the prison's front gate, and bring them back to her cell. She warns Erica that she has to complete this task in three weeks before she is executed, and sends the corrections officer away to begin her task.

Nup 203892 00007

Tiffany speaking with Chucky.

While still stuck in her cell, she has Erica supply her with designer clothing, jewellry, makeup and bedding. She also lets Erica take calls for her, but she continuously receives phonecalls from Chucky, demanding to speak with her. After a day of calling, Tiffany finally accepts Chucky's attempts, who confesses that Damballa has abandoned him and he is going to die. She is visibly shaken by this revelation, revealing that despite everything between them, she still loves him. When he laments that he's going to just let Jake, Devon and Lexy kill him, Tiffany gives him a pep talk that he should be going down in history as "the greatest serial killer of all time". She reminds him that he is in the White House, and he is primed to go out in a blaze of glory and take as many people as he can with him when he dies.

Tiffany has managed to get all but one prison guard under her control. She still needs an item from the sniper guarding the front entrance to complete the final voodoo doll. As her execution is happening tonight, she tasks Erica to get her something from the sniper. However, Erica dies after getting hit by a car leaving Tiffany unable to stop her impending execution. She is restrained and prepped for her lethal injection, and is surprised to see Nica attending. From a promise she made to GG, Nica passes on their message that they think she's a wonderful mother and she always tried to protect them from those who were cruel to the fact that they were different. Nica also informs her that she knows the truth about her, and that she will burn in Hell. Before the execution begins, Tiffany's utters "Goodbye GG. Goodbye Chucky. I love you so, so much".

Nup 204301 00010

Chucky and Tiffany back together again.

Just as the needle is inserted into her arm, Eli, one of the prison guards Tiffany brainwashed, rushes in and shoots the men performing her execution. He unstraps her from the table and she is escorted out with the help of the other brainwashed guards, who free the rest of the prisoners at the same time. Eli and Tiffany run out to the front gate, and she uses his body as a shield to block the bullets from the sniper. Another prisoner, who had stolen a gun from the warden, shoots the sniper as a brainwashed guard opens the gate for Tiffany. She kisses Eli as he dies, and then drives off in her waiting Pontiac Parisienne. Later that night, she arrives at the estate of Wendell Wilkins, where Chucky is waiting for her. As Tiffany wishes they could be a real family again, Wendell reveals that they have a Wedding Belle doll for her to possess. Caroline transfers her soul into the doll, allowing Chucky and Tiffany to be together again. With the dolls making out in the backseat, Caroline drives away in Tiffany's car.

Murders Committed by Tiffany

Bride of Chucky (1998)
  1. Robert Bailey: Throat slit with a nail file.
  2. Diane: Eviscerated by falling glass from the glass ceiling.
  3. Russ: Eviscerated by falling glass from the glass ceiling.
  4. David Collins: Scared out of the van, then hit by a truck.
  5. RV Owners: Shot by Chucky and/or Tiffany. Off-screen.
Seed of Chucky (2004)
  1. Tony Gardner: Decapitated with a cable wire. (With Chucky)
  2. Redman: Gutted with a knife.
  3. Fulvia: Head bashed in with the Tiffany doll.
Curse of Chucky (2013)
  1. Officer Stanton: Throat slit with a nail file.
Cult of Chucky (2017)
  1. Asylum Guard: Throat slit with a nail file.
Chucky (2021)
  1. Delilah: Stabbed repeatedly in the chest, with Charles. (Flashback)
  2. Car Salesman: Throat slit with a nail file. (Flashback)
  3. Pizza Delivery Man: Stabbed by Tiffany and/or Charles. Off-screen. (Flashback)
  4. Chucky: Decapitated with a nail file, then incinerated in a house explosion.
Chucky (2022)
  1. Nine People: Deaths mentioned, witnessed by Nica.
  2. Alamo Tour Guide: Death mentioned.
  3. Sam Gavin: Throat slit with a nail file.
  4. Meg Tilly: Slashed repeatedly with a nail file.
Chucky (2023)
  1. Evelyn Elliot: Controlled by a voodoo doll into into mutilating herself, and melting her face off in a pot of boiling water.

Deaths of Tiffany

Bride of Chucky (1998)
  • Electrocuted by Chucky, when he pushed her TV into her bathtub. (Human)
  • Impaled in the stomach by Chucky with a knife. (Doll)
Chucky (2022)
  • Shot in the neck by Andy, causing her head to fall off. (Doll)


  • She sports a tattoo of a broken heart above her breast, with "Chucky" written above it.
  • In every appearance except for Seed of Chucky and Curse of Chucky, she is seen driving a red 1960 Pontiac Parisienne.
  • She is bisexual, but this is not revealed until the end of Cult of Chucky.
  • The Chuckyisreal Instagram page confirms Tiffany is a Sagittarius, meaning she was born between November 22 and December 21.
  • Her death in Bride of Chucky was an idea originally for Maggie's death in the first film.
  • In Death By Misadventure, Tiffany is briefly seen at the yard sale, having been the one to leave Chucky there for Jake to find.
  • In Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss, when Junior says that he knows who Tiffany is, she replies, "Aren't you a little to young to have seen Bound?". This is a reference to the 1996 film Bound, which Tiffany's actress Jennifer Tilly starred in.


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