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"Eat dirt, Tommy."
―Chucky burying Tommy.

Tommy is the Good Guy doll at the Simpsons' household.

Child's Play 2 (1990)

When Chucky sneaks into the Simpson's house to get to Andy, he finds out that they have another Good Guy doll that looks exactly like him: Tommy. Chucky knocks him to the ground, causing Tommy to malfunction, and then proceeds to destroy the doll with a glass figurine. Tommy is buried in the backyard under the swing set, allowing Chucky to pose as him to watch Andy. Later on, Kyle discovers the ruined doll under the swing set.

Chucky (2021)

After Caroline's Chucky doll is partially burned and melted, her father Nathan buys her another vintage Good Guy doll to replace him, named Tommy. She immediately takes to her new doll, hugging Tommy tightly. Her sister Lexy believes her new Good Guy doll is somehow Chucky, and attempts to break it, only stopping to take a photo and run out of the house to show her friends. Sometime that night while Caroline is sleeping with Tommy, the disfigured Chucky enters the house and switches bodies with him. Tommy in Chucky's melted body is later found in a garbage can by Lexy, Jake and Devon, who proceed to destroy the doll.


  • He is named after the director of the first Child's Play film, Tom Holland.