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Chief Warren Kincaid is the uncle of Jade, his 17-year old niece, who is a constant runaway and rule breaker of which he tried to correct.

Bride of Chucky (1998)

Warren never felt compassion for Jade and her choices, but seeing as he was put in charge with taking care of her, he wished to not be looked down upon by his own brother for not grounding her and letting her run away into the night with her trailer trash boyfriend Jesse. Jesse planned to run away with Jade, letting her escape from her uncle's clutches.

Kincaid tried at many successful attempts to prevent them from seeing each other, which included having his fellow officer Norton trail the couple, and frame them for planted misdeeds. Warren had the greatest authority which ensured the most stretched cover up would not be questioned.


Warren was on his latest attempt to frame Jesse, by planting marijuana in his van for Norton to find. While Chucky and Tiffany debated over the best way to get rid of him to prevent being found out, they agreed on Tiffany's idea of improvising. They garnered a sack of nails, and while luring him to the driver's compartment, let the nails fly into his face, supposedly killing him. However, unbeknownst to Chucky, he and Tiffany had only gruesomely rendered him unconscious.

Warren shot with nails.

During Jesse and Jade's wedding at the chapel, he regained consciousness and pushed out of his entrapment in the containment box, and then tried to crawl away to find help. Tiffany egged Chucky on to deal with Warren, and he finally met his death as Chucky stabbed him to death with a large knife.


  • Warren is Chucky's 22nd victim since Child's Play.
  • When Chucky looks at Warren's nailed face, he says,"Why does that look so familiar?". This is a reference to the film Hellraiser.