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The Young Man is a victim who is abducted by Nica/Chucky and Tiffany.

Chucky (2021)

Along with another man, he is taken back to Chucky and Tiffany's room at Hotel Hackensack. Bound and gagged, he is forced to watch Chucky kill the other man before making out with Tiffany on the bed. Laughing, Tiffany comments how they're putting on a nice show for him, but all he does is moan and complain. She gets up off the bed and asks the man what he wants, before mentioning that she herself is hungry. This angers Chucky, and the two get into an arguement before she gets upset and storms out of the room. With the two of them alone, Chucky then grabs his knife and slices into the man's head. However, the sight of blood on the knife causes Nica to regain control of her body and she collapses to the ground.


She crawls over to the man and removes the ball gag from his mouth. He begs her not to kill him as she tries to explain that Chucky murdered her whole family and used his voodoo to transfer a piece of his soul into her. Nica attempts to save the young man by untying one of his hands, but he accidentally hits her when his hand is freed, causing her to revert back to Chucky. When Chucky leaves the room to go eat lunch with Tiffany, the man tries to untie his other hand. Before he can free himself, Chucky comes back in and tells the man that they should keep "this Nica bullshit" between them and slits his throat.